Tenant Improvements

Owners, Managers, Investors

Are you a  rental property investor looking to  build equity & earn premium rental rates?

Are you an investor flipping properties with the goal to sell?

Are you an owner or manager looking for a licensed general contractor to preform 

Vacancy Rehab's, Eviction Rehab's, Tenant Improvements and Home Improvement?

Do you have rental properties and getting overwhelmed with calls for repairs? 

We specialize in complete rental rehabs for property owners, managers, and investors. 

We're here to help you start and finish your project. 

How may we serve you?

We offer great customer service with the best competitive estimate possible. 

Need help with managing your up coming project or closing out that current project?

Atkinson Construction Services can help you.

Atkinson Construction Services has been helping other real estate investors just like you. 

We can help you to start maximizing your return over investment in as little as 30 days.

We can help you with managing your properties maintenance.

We can help you with move-outs.


We bring real value to our clients real estate investment. We take your standard rental unit, duplex or multiplex rental property and flip it into a Top-shelf rental with our hands on experience, quality control, and our fast track scheduling technique.

More Value

By choosing Atkinson Construction Services for your next renovation you'll get even more value for your investments return. We're a family owned business and by keeping our costs down we're able to offer high quality, low cost construction services. 


We're creating Top-shelf rentals that means increased "ROI" for you and your investment team. We use quality products, skillfully trained installers backed by a knowledgeable & supportive management team.


Our background experience working 10 years in residential home building & development, and 20 years in the commercial construction & management services.

Other investors have been utilizing our expertise to increase their premium rental rates, now you can too. Contact us today and find out how we can help you to afford better quality products being installed in your real estate investments.

Specialties and service areas.

Atkinson Construction Services we specialize in Construction Management and General Contracting. Serving Vista, San Diego and most surrounding areas. 

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